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PReS Software

  If your looking to enhance or change the configuration of your PReS output management software we can help. Whether its additional configuration adding PReS connect, adding a mailmark solution or integrating our own iPost Software to include adhoc documents for a total solution. PReS the ultra  high volume print software solution was originally developed

author dateAugust 11, 2015

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Buy Satori Software and renewals

iComunico Software are delighted to be resellers of the Satori Data quality, address validation, correction, capture, and sortation products. After all we already use these products ourselves, either embedded or as plug ins within our own software products including iPost. As we are already experts in this type of application we can often help your

author dateJuly 10, 2015

author categoryNews

PlanetPress Reseller iComunico Software

In Addition to developing our own Software applications including our unique iPost Software, iComunico Software are resellers, suppliers, and integrators of software from other respected software houses including Objectif Lune and their PlanetPress range. One of the reasons we have a strong relationship with Objectif Lune and have gained an intimate knowledge of the PlanetPress

author dateJune 30, 2015

author categoryNews

iPost with PlanetPress and Satori

By combining our unique iPost software with  Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress production product, and utilising the Satori Address Validation and sortation plug in, iComunico software believe we are creating the ultimate Document Output management system. When developing our iPost product we set out to solve all of the problems associated with getting the adhoc part of

author dateMay 15, 2015

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iPost is now on the G-Cloud 6 Framework

Comunico Ltd are delighted to announce that iPost is now on the G-Cloud 6 framework agreement. Comunico Ltd trading as iComunico software have developed our Trademark iPost software over the past eighteen months, with large public sector and private sector clients in mind.  With accreditation on the G-cloud 6 framework our uniquely intuitive, template and

author dateFebruary 2, 2015

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Royal Mail Mailmark Advertising Mail

One of the lowest price ways of maximising your Marketing spend is to take advantage of the Royal Mail schemes specifically designed for marketing. The Royal Mail advertising Mail Mailmark scheme, is a very simple way of attracting incredibly low prices for a personalised mailing. The mail piece needs to conform to some very simple

author dateFebruary 2, 2015

author categoryNews

Choosing a Royal Mail Mailmark Barcode

With 4 separate Mailmark Barcodes available, which is best for your organisation? Below is our guide to choosing a Royal Mail Mailmark barcode that best suits your organisation. For the purposes of clarity we are ignoring here the Generic Mailmark produced by Mailmark enabled franking machines, these offer none of  the advanced features of Mailmark

author dateJanuary 20, 2015

author categoryNews

Print and Mail Transformation

When an organisation looks to implement a full Print and Mail Transformation, it is usually with a view to getting all of an organisations outbound documentation, under the control of a single document output management system. Getting all of the outbound documentation in to this one place will then enable a communication strategy to be

author dateJanuary 19, 2015

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Document configuration Process

Our team were looking at an interesting situation with a client this week. The particular client effectively had many hundreds if not thousands of document templates which would need to be configured then later edited individually, if they wished to take advantage of an output management software system.  We have seen this document configuration process

author dateJanuary 18, 2015

author categoryNews

Take full advantage of Royal Mails Mailmark

Whether you use mail for marketing, general correspondence or transactional items its time to make sure you are geared up to take full advantage of  Royal Mails Mailmark scheme. By making sure you are adding the mailmark to the  mailed document itself, (not the envelope with a franking machine adding generic Mailmarks) it is possible

author dateJanuary 11, 2015

author categoryNews

Mailmark & Maximising the opportunity with iPost

Mailmark from the Royal Mail is a new feature rich Mail pricing tracking and optimising tool with a number of key benefits to those sending Business Mail, Transactional mail, and Marketing Mail whether through their own mail room facility or an outsourced mail fulfilment house. To gain access to the full range of the features

author dateJanuary 7, 2015

author categoryNews

The true cost of the franking machine

  Why are Franking machines so expensive what are the alternatives and how do I avoid being overcharged. The market and the market makers: The manufacture and distribution of franking machines is dominated by two companies, Pitney Bowes based in the US, and Neopost based in France. Together they have 85% of the world market,

author dateNovember 30, 2014

author categoryNews

Increase mail fulfilment Volumes

As a print and mail fulfilment house, ideally you would like to handle all of your customers mail fulfilment, rather than just the usual marketing and transactional mail-pieces. The major difficulty has always been capturing the adhoc mail and getting it in to a uniform format ready to print and insert. Obviously this means with

author dateNovember 21, 2014

author categoryNews

What is Hybrid Mail?

The usual definition of Hybrid mail, is mail that is delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. In theory it involves digital data being transformed into physical mail pieces at distributed print and mailing centres, ideally located as close as possible to the final delivery addresses. All good so far then a lower

author dateNovember 7, 2014

author categoryNews

Mail Centralisation

The Situation Most large organisations have at some point looked to centralise the production and fulfilment of their outgoing mail. The opportunity for savings from centralised printing with the lower marginal cost of the production type printer, the ability to use a folder inserter machine to fulfil envelopes and the access to postal discounts often

author dateSeptember 8, 2014

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